Our Commitment

To be creative and innovative in our lifelong strive to become better in every way. It is a simple method fit for a simple idea: uncompromising service in every experience. 

JustLive Ignites

The Innovative You.

The Social You.

The Business You.

The Prospective You.

Why JustLive

“One of the greatest feelings you can give someone is inclusion and belonging to something bigger. Being a part of something bigger than themselves such as a club JustLive allows for people to build relationships and develop a set of skills that helps them live their best lives, especially in an increasingly isolated world that focuses more on technology, it is now more important than ever! 

JustLive45Fifty’s purpose is to develop deep, meaningful connections and making an impact in people’s lives. It’s a place for those of us that want to be around good people, a place for real people to connect and share real-life experiences. Other than expensive yacht clubs, there aren’t any affordable social clubs in the city. 

When you hit a certain age in your life, specifically middle-aged groups, we change, we evolve – some would say, we get unraveled and suddenly, our social circles have shrunk, and we may feel lost. Whether it’s outgrowing friends, losing your tribe from a recent move or even divorce, it’s not the end, its simply the beginning. 

Everything else is for everyone else – JustLive is for those that want more out of life. It will provide members a place to meet new friends through face-to-face connections, igniting better lifestyles, creating diverse social circles, and possibly learning something new along the way. 

Together we will change the perception of what aging looks like in the world!”  

— Timothy Bryant, Founder


JustLive Lifestyle


We take a conscious view of our members’ lifestyles; each experience is curated to create conversation, provoke thought and foster collaboration. We cultivate meaning, purpose, and innovation within a circle of trust, a place for real people to connect, create and share. 

Our services, programs, and JustLive Clubhouse will be personalized to the needs and aspirations of our future members. 

Members of JustLive45Fifty will have the opportunity to experience the city like never before — by taking full advantage of local adventures.  Whether it will be at the JustLive clubhouse location or at an exclusive member event you will build new friendships in unexpected places. 

JustLive Clubhouse


The JustLive Clubhouse will be the capital for the members of JustLive45Fifty.

The clubhouse will be a members source for interesting and exciting on-site and a la carte programming as well as special events. It will feature state of the art classrooms, a digital library, recreational rooms, a functional kitchen for cooking demos, and a lounge-bar area. The clubhouse will be the hub for exciting on-site guest appearances, from yoga to networking workshops, this will be the space where it will all take place. 

Whether JustLive members are meeting up for a happy-hour with friends to some quiet time in a ‘coffee-shop’ type scene – their lives will be enhanced by the modern state of the art location.