JustLive Membership Detroit

Unlike other concepts, which focus on wealth and status – our goal is to assemble a community of members that have something in common, namely, purposeful living. The majority of our members want to experience the best in life by being healthier and better! 

JustLive Offerings

Events & Excursions

Group Travel Social Club Santorini Greece

  • Pop-Up Restaurants
  • Adventurous Eating 
  • Food Trend Tours; Beer and Wine Tastings 
  • Art Museum Tours
  • Theatre & Concerts
  • Live Entertainment

Services Offered

workout training social club

  • Image Consulting 
  • Personal Training 
  • Financial Advisors/Wealth Management/Tax Services
  • Technology Classes
  • Group Travel & Excursions 


Programming Within

cooking classes cooking demonstration social club

  • Cooking Classes
  • Self-Defense 
  • Ballroom Dancing 
  • Meditation/Yoga Classes
  • Guest Lecturers 
  • Wellness Coaching

Membership Pricing

Local Membership

Local membership to JustLive social club Detroit gives you access to all club spaces and facilities: bars and restaurants, and event programming calendar for members.

All new membership requests undergo a careful screening process by our membership review team. Our goal is to maintain continuity and compatibility within our social club. 

If Accepted

If your application is accepted as a member of JustLive social club, exclusively for those over 40, membership starts with a $200 initiation fee and $100 monthly payment or $1,000 for the year. 

Pre-JustLive memberships are available for individuals between the ages of 35-39, membership starts with a $200 initiation fee and $175 monthly payment. 

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